I am thrilled to have Dr. Scott MacDougall back on the podcast. He recently published The Shape of Anglican Theology Faith Seeking Wisdom, which explores the distinctiveness of Anglican theology. The book describes its boundaries and names its particular characteristics, finally concluding that Anglican theology is a wisdom theology that seeks to build the capacity for faithful Christian discernment in belief and practice. You will hear a brilliant theologian reflecting on his tradition and the deep joy of his faith. Talking with Scott is always a pleasure, and I hope you enjoy it.

Scott MacDougall was born and raised in Central New York. He attended college in the greater New York City area, receiving his B.A. from Hofstra University. Following a career in the not-for-profit sector, he undertook the formal study of theology. MacDougall received his M.A. in theology from the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church in 2007 and his Ph.D. in systematic theology from Fordham University in 2014. At the American Academy of Religion, he co-chairs the Anglican Studies Seminar and serves on the steering committee of the Ecclesiological Investigations Unit. MacDougall has served as Co-Editor in Chief of the?Anglican Theological Review and was the inaugural Theologian to the House of Deputies of the Episcopal Church.

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