The good doctor Daniel Kirk joined me for some live QnA as we spread the word about our upcoming OPEN ONLINE CLASS – Romans: A Guide to the Most Misused, Problematic, & Prooftexted Letter in the Bible.

Venture into the depth and richness of Paul’s letter to the Romans in this dynamic five-session online course. Guided by the acclaimed biblical scholar Dr. J. R. Daniel Kirk, participants will be introduced to the central themes, historical background, and transformative messages of this pivotal New Testament text. Having published two books on Romans, Kirk will bring clarity and fresh perspectives to one of the most foundational Christian writings.
Embark on this transformative journey to navigate the profound truths of Paul’s magnum opus. Whether you’re a seasoned theologian, a faith seeker, or simply someone intrigued by the origins of Christian thought, this course promises insightful revelations and a deeper connection to the heart of Romans.
You can get more info and sign-up here. As always, this gathering is donation-based, including 0. You don’t have to join live to get all the content. Everyone who signs up will receive the recordings of each session.

Daniel Kirk (Ph.D., Duke University) is an award-winning New Testament scholar whose work takes place at the intersection of history, biblical interpretation, and real life. He is currently broadening his intellectual and vocational horizons by studying to be a Physician Assistant. Look for upcoming work to have a robust dose of science and politics mixed into the biblical conversations.

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