This podcast was recorded LIVE at Petty Thieves Brewing Co in Charlotte, North Carolina. We were celebrating the release of Leah Robinson’s new book Bad Theology: Oppression in the Name of GodObviously Leah would need to be there, but we were also joined by nerdy friends of the podcast, Sarah Lane Ritchie and Ben Boswell.

Dr. Leah Robinson is Associate Professor of Religion at Pfieffer University. You should also check out her brand new podcast and Theology on the Rocks and follow her on twitter.

Here’s my endorsement for this awesome new book:

“What do the leaders of the KKK, Jonestown, apartheid South Africa, & the Massachusetts Bay Colony have in common? A Christian theology they lived out. It may be ugly, repulsive, and vile, but it was theology nonetheless. In this timely and poignant new book, Leah Robinson refuses to set aside these oppressive visions of God as theological exceptions. They must be addressed! As a practical theologian, she reminds us that all theology, the good and the bad, the oppressive and the salvific, is a human work and has consequences. By expanding the narrow boundaries of practical theology as a field, she pioneers new ground and demonstrates how stimulating this new vision can be.”


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