Dr. Pugh is joining Tripp for a conversation about the timely work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. We will pull out 5 different reasons the return to Bonhoeffer is needed from his essay “Ten Years After,” in which Bonhoeffer wrote to the conspirators and resisters to Nazi rule in 1943. In this one short piece, ample grounds for reflecting on a society in which black bodies are under attack, bodies of all people face the specter of death and disease, and we are slipping into a global oligarchy where the wealthy will determine for us how we live our lives.

This is not the end of the conversation, but an invitation to join us and 5 other Bonhoeffer scholars as we dig into his texts and address our moment’s most pressing questions. You can join this donation-based class (including 0) by heading to www.riseofbonhoeffer.com

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Upcoming Online Class: Bonhoeffer & the Future of Faith

Why does a theologian like Dietrich Bonhoeffer still excite our theological imagination? What is it about his work in a different era that still engages some of the most cutting-edge theological work done today? Join us for the new Homebrewed Christianity class, “Bonhoeffer and the Future of Faith” as we listen to and learn from internationally known scholars working in areas such as climate change, prison reform, racial tensions, pastoral care, and Christian Nationalism. These scholars, generations removed from Bonhoeffer’s day, find inspiration in him for the continuing task of theology to interpret and respond to global challenges in our day. Together this class will think about Bonhoeffer’s enduring question to the church of his day, “What is Christianity for us today?” How we are responding in our time to this question will determine the shape of faith for our day and beyond.

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