Philip Clayton returns to the podcast! We recorded this LIVE at the 50th Anniversary conference for the Center for Process Studies. What better time than to figure out the meaning of life….  As a scholar, Philip Clayton (Ingraham Professor, Claremont School of Theology) works at the intersection points of science, philosophy, and theology. As an activist (president of, President of IPDC), he works to convene, facilitate, and catalyze multi-sectoral initiatives toward ecological civilization.

When Phil and I got done, Sarah Heath was joined by Thomas Jay Oord and Mason Mennenga for a timely exploration of love advice from a process-relational perspective. This is what nerds do late at night on Valentine’s Day:)

the new John Cobb book I edited for his 98th Birthday 🙂

John Cobb is a Christian Theologian. Yet, he is just as likely to be known to economists, scientists, philosophers, environmentalists, educators, and activists. Some could say he left behind his task as a Christian theologian venturing across so many fields, but as this collection of Cobb’s theological writing will demonstrate, it is precisely his passion for the one Jesus called Abba that animated his powerful and prophetic intellectual and movement invest in so many of the most pressing and challenging centers of intellectual inquiry. Yes, Cobb is a Christian theologian, but more than that, a model of just what kind of theologian is needed in our age and beyond. This selection of essays was compiled from John B. Cobb, Jr.’s writings over the decades to celebrate his 98th birthday.

The Process Party Teach-In

If you have wanted to learn about Process theology and philosophy, but wondered where to begin, check out this one-day teach-in I helped put together. It brings together some amazing speakers for a hybrid event. You will be guided into the Process vision by some of the best communicators during this one-day teach-in.  This event is donation based (including 0), so join the nerdy fun and tell your friends!

Previous Podcast Convos w/ Philip

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