Diana is back for some Holiday fun! We gathered a bunch of questions where anything was on the table. This is what happened when we randomly answered member-submitted questions. To be a part of future zoom sessions and get access to past gatherings,  join Diana’s newsletter community, the Cottage &/or the Homebrewed Community.

Want to attend a Ruining Dinner session in person? (we hope so)

Well, you could always match up our calendars and bring us to your living room, or you could come to the Southern Lights conference over MLK weekend. This event has both in-person and live-streaming options.

Experiencing God: an Open Online Class

Kick off the new year with a nerdy good time. The next Homebrewed class will be a robust exploration of how the tools of science, philosophy, and theology help us discern meaning from divine encounters. We’ll discuss God-experiences as mediated through faith communities, the mind, nature, the Bible, psychedelics, and more. And we’ll do all this with an eye towards the future, exploring the possibilities for how a lived-theology could express itself in the world. Check it out here.

Here’s the trailer for Experiencing God (the online class)

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