Hello All Ye Campers!

Below is the schedule for the event. As (or if) things change, we will keep this page up to date.


600-730: Check-in & Happy Hour – Fellowship Hall

730-930: Opening Live Podcast w/ Homebrewed Christianity, You Have Permission, Trey Pearson & cool nerdy friends – Fellowship Hall

930-1100: Karaoke & Hangtime 


800-900: Coffee & Bites + (optional) Contemplation – Sanctuary

900-1200: Super Nerd Keynotes

  • Pete Enns + Jennifer Bashaw
  • Diana Butler Bass + Grace Ji-Sun Kim
  • Joerg Rieger + Adam Clark

1200-100: Lunch Break

100-400: God-Pods Spectacular

We will have THREE different podcast stages for THREE sessions, so you have choices. There are three kinds of options. 1) Keynote Deep Dive:  A different ‘God-Pod’ is hosting each session with one of the keynoters. Pick the session with the speaker you want to go deep with. 2) Big Question Session: these sessions will feature a mix of theologians and podcasters tackling a specific topic. 3) Contemplative Composting / Yoga: No recording here just bring your body, your questions, and process the ‘stuff.’ Description below.


100-150: Diana Butler Bass

200-250: Adam Clark

300-350: Grace Ji-Sun Kim

Reception Hall

100-150: The Spiritual Quest Beyond the Church

200-250: Joerg Rieger

300-350: Pete Enns

Youth Room

100-150: Jennifer Bashaw

200-250: God is most likely real and She loves you

300-350: Christian Nationalism & American Religion

Fellowship Hall

100-150: Post-Lunch Yoga

200-250: Contemplative Composting part 1

300-350 Contemplative Composting part 2

400-500 concert from Trey Pearson – Reception Hall

500-700 Dinner Break 

* 630: doors (taps) open in the Reception Hall

700-900 Live Podcast w/ Ruining Dinner (Diana + Tripp), the Bible for Normal People, & cool nerdy friends – Reception Hall

900-1000 the only God-Ordained Sword Drill & craft beverage bottle share (presented by the Bibliotheca)


800-900: Coffee & Bites + (optional) Contemplation – Sanctuary

900-1200: Super Nerd Keynotes – Sanctuary

  • Myron Penner + Sarah Lane Ritchie
  • Leah Robinson + Roberto Che Espinoza
  • Aaron Simmons

1200-200: Theological Tailgating: Lunch will be provided by the Award Winning BBQ food truck ‘And Also with Q.’ You will also have a chance to enter the ‘God-Box,’ get books (signed) from the speakers, play some cornhole, enjoy some outdoor hanging, and for those who bring their Pipe we will have the ‘Old Toby‘ event only tobacco blend.

200-500: God-Pods Spectacular


200-250: Rethinking Atonement: Post-Penal Crossing

300-350: Roberto Che Espinoza

400-450: Aaron Simmons

Reception Hall

200-250: Leah Robinson

300-350: Sarah Lane Ritchie

400-450: Ain’t no party like a #ProcessParty

Youth Room

200-250: Myron Penner

300-350: Tolkien Time: the Persistent Problem of Power & the Power of Friendship

400-450: When Marvel Comics does Judgement Day

Fellowship Hall

200-250: Post-Lunch Yoga

300-350: Contemplative Composting part 3

500-600 Closing Celebration – Reception Hall

Afterward, those with a ‘”servant’s heart” can help clean up:)

700-900 Post-Event reception at Gizmo Brew Works Taproom – PS the Taco Shop next door delivers:)

Event Partners

Description of Contemplative Composting below

  • Morning Yoga Nidra: Start your day with Yoga Nidra! This Yoga Nidra meditation is designed to start your day and make it AMAZING! Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique in which you learn to relax consciously, giving you a newfound sense of openness and positive energy.
  • After lunch sleepies Flow to Yin Yoga: Overcome the after-lunch-sleepies with this mid-day yoga flow! This Flow to Yin yoga class is beneficial for beginners to advanced practitioners, so don’t worry if you’re “not flexible enough” because there’s no such thing! The first half of the class – flow – will help with aligning breath work with movement that improves range of motion and re-energizes the body. The second half of the class – yin – will help stretch the body, releasing tension, promoting relaxation and enhancing mental focus. Together, Flow to Yin is beneficial for developing breath awareness, re-energizing the body, balancing emotions, improving sleep, and boosting circulation! 

* Mike Morrell leads us in Contemplative Composting, an invitation to ferment our own faith, finding new life out of the most rotten religion.

Do you find that your spiritual beliefs and practices are going to shit?

Great news — this is precisely the rich material for your next evolution.

In this trio of sessions — which you can enjoy cumulatively or simply drop into as-desired — Mike will share what he discovered when his faith fell apart, and how composting (as practiced by permaculturists) has provided a far richer lens than ‘deconstruction.’

Teaching us through four-fold stages of (literal) composting — Mesophilic, Thermophilic, Cooling and Curing — Mike will guide us through contemplative exercises that gently but powerfully help us unwind our bad religion, sit in the heat of our anger and pain, help us regather our ability to know with more of ourselves, and release us to wherever our journeys take us next.

Whether you consider yourself a mystic, a skeptic, or somewhere in-between, Contemplative Composting honors your reflective, affective, and somatic sensibilities, giving you access to more of your history, mystery, and ability to choose.

If you’re ready to let your old paradigms rot while honoring the forces of fire and decay to enrich the soil of your next growth cycle, please join us for these unique experiences.

Mike Morrell is an award-winning, best-selling author, collaborator on The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation with Fr. Richard Rohr, founder of Wisdom Camp, and a founding organizer of the justice, arts, and spirituality Wild Goose Festival. Mike curates contemplative community experiences via Relational Skills, taking joy in holding space for the extraordinary transformation that can take place at the intersection of anticipation, imagination, and radical acceptance. Readers and writers can check out Speakeasy, Mike’s network of off-the-beaten-path spirituality books — and those who love talking about them. Mike lives with his family in Asheville, North Carolina. You can read his ongoing exploration of Spirit, Culture, and Permaculture at MikeMorrell.org.