Dr. Aaron Simmons is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Furman University. He returns to the podcast for some seriously nerdy fun. We tackled a number of questions from Homebrewed Community members. Our questions include…

Polly — How do I stop feeling angry and sick when I think about the god I believed in for 35 years?

Bryan (min 32)— Do I have a soul? Growing up in southern Baptist church I was convinced that my soul was the truest thing about me, but now I wonder if what God really wants of involves my physical body on this physical world we are situated in.

Tyler (min 101)— What is the use of the church if everything it was founded on is myth? I just can’t see any reason to pick up my Bible or to congregate if there’s no absolute truth to the writings. Nothing matters. Nothing is real. Life feels completely purposeless.

Becky (min 116) — How do people interpret the Bible in so many different ways that are so far apart?

Nathan (min 125) — What is the purpose of concepts like “good, true, beautiful, justice” if they are always changing and never agreed upon? How are they more than a person or culture’s preferences in bold?

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