Philip Clayton returns to the podcast! This conversation was inspired by an online academic conference I put together as part of the God & the Book of Nature project at the University of Edinburgh titled the Mindfulness of Nature. You can find videos of all the papers from the gathering here.

As a scholar, Philip Clayton (Ingraham Professor, Claremont School of Theology) works at the intersection points of science, philosophy, and theology. As an activist (president of, President of IPDC), he works to convene, facilitate, and catalyze multi-sectoral initiatives toward ecological civilization.

In the conversation, we discuss…

  • how the conversation around mind and consciousness is changing
  • the dramatically changing character of science engaged theology
  • can confessional theologians fully engage the sciences?
  • how panpsychism became a live option in philosophy and science
  • Tripp gets uncomfortable when Phil makes him pick between his position and John Cobb’s
  • is there mental causal power?
  • Tripp ends up venting about philosophical theologians who complain without understanding Whitehead
  • the correct answer is pneumaterialism
  • are there guardrails for theological thinking?
  • how does a process theologian end their emails? “keep it zesty”

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