This is a Fantasy Draft!!  Joining me for all the fun are three friends with plenty of CCM wisdom for the fantasy battle. After you listen to the episode head down below and vote for the winner. Whoever wins the battle will be selecting a song for the four of us to rock during the karaoke session at Theology Beer Camp.

Trey Pearson is back on the podcast. He has a zesty new album, “Somebody You Knew,” ready for your listening ears. You can check out all his info here.

Mason Mennenga is an aspiring theologian, podcaster, YouTuber, and the Internet’s youth pastor. The best and worst way to connect with him is his twitter.

Tim Whitaker runs the New Evangelicals and all its outputs. He was also “let go” as a drummer for asking too many questions. The gateway to their stuff is on IG 🙂

CCM Fantasy Draft: Trey Pearson & the Podcast 3-Way

The CCM Fantasy Draft

There are 4 teams, each with 7 players for the 7 positions. Unlike your fantasy football team, the positions are selections from CCM. Each team will have 1 'player' for each of these 'positions.'

  1. Dominating the "Under the Sheets" game - where you add the phrase "under the sheets" to a song name

  2. Thank God for Hand Motions

  3. CCM Hottie

  4. Most Theologically Problematic Lyric

  5. Most "Cringe-Free" CCM Album

  6. Youth Group Angst Bomb

  7. Future Deconstructor All-Star


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