What a treat! Joseph A. Bracken, SJ, is back on the podcast! He is an emeritus professor of theology at Xavier University and one of my favorite philosophical theologians. I even wrote a chapter about him in my last book.

In the conversation we discuss…

  • how he found the work of Whitehead in his journey as a Jesuit scholar
  • the problems with Whitehead according to Bracken… Societies and the need for a stronger communitarian picture of life
  • What is the problem of the One & Many and the process approach
  • how does Bracken envision a Trinitarian God-World relationship
  • Bracken’s reflection on Pope Francis and how it resonates with a Process-Relational framework
  • the changing relationship between religion and science over church history
  • the predicament of scientism
  • how to think ethically about our planetary crisis
  • Tripp discusses the 3 things he would add to the Christian canon
  •  the need for a new worldview beyond the conflict of religion and science
  • Bracken’s the Church as Dynamic Life-System
  • how Bracken uses the Trinity to think through a for of deep religious pluralism
  • Bracken’s new book – Reciprocal Causality in an Event-Filled World
  • a Process vision of the Cosmic Christ
  • Bracken’s Spirit Christology and field theory
  • the problem of evil and suffering
  • what Bracken has learned about the relationship between faith and doubt
  • Tripp tells Joe how much he loves him.
  • an amazing intro to God by Bracken – God: Three Who Are One

Previous Conversations with Bracken

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