Occasionally this theology nerd comes out as the other kind of nerd, a comic book nerd. My absolute favorite comic book run is Jason Arron’s time on Thor and it is at the center of the next MCU film, Thor: Love and Thunder. In this episode, HBC’s Guru of Geekdom, Rev. Will Rose, is here with a Thor specialist. – Ryan Does’ of Across the Bifrost: the Mighty Thor Podcast and we have a blast digging into Thor.


In the conversation, we discuss…

  • What makes a God worthy?
  • Inverting the role of power in comic book narrative
  • Curse you Virgin Media!!
  • “Resting Zoom Face”
  • Gorr the God Butcher — assassinating the unworthy gods
  • When it comes to crap deities you gotta Gorr it
  • the Road to Edmond – Tripp’s movie
  • Tripp preaches Gorr & Psalm 82
  • Jane Foster as Thor is EPIC
  • What is the nature of self-sacrificial love?
  • Confronting Cancer with Jane
  • Who is worthy to wield the hammer when the Norse dude has failed?
  • The use of Jason Aaron & Thor in the classroom
  • Kenosis & Jane
  • A cooperative deity is more zesty
Selfie from the Hobbit Hole with Ryan & Will

New to comics? The best move is to find a local comic book store. You can check out Jason’s stuff digitally through Amazon. If you are smart you will use the free 60 day trial of ComiXology or try out Marvel Unlimited and turn your iPad or computer into Jason Aaron gateway. For Jason’s independent releases you can go to his store. Here’s a guide to reading Jason’s Thor run.

WILL ROSE is a Lutheran pastor at the Holy Trinity in Chapel Hill and guru of all things pop culture.

RYAN DOES is the voice behind the Across the Bifrost podcast. You can follow the pod here on IG.

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