I have so much fun talking nerdy with Donna Bowman. I’m so pumped to have her back on the podcast and a part of the Christianity in Process series.  Donna Bowman is professor of interdisciplinary studies in the Norbert O. Schedler Honors College at the University of Central Arkansas.

In this conversation we discussed

  • how Donna started as a Southern Baptist and found Process thought
  • the nature of an open future
  • Tripp complains about John Calvin being very very unBiblical and sub-Christian 🙂
  • Donna gives a shout-out to her homeboy Karl Barth
  • Should we fear the mystery of God?
  • the problem with Christian Triumphalism
  • what is happening in worship?
  • what is a religious tradition and how does it live?
  • Tripp gives a process reading of the song “Every Move I Make”
  • the nature of ordinary lived theology
  • Donna shares about getting into Blaseball… an online baseball + horror game
  • Tripp gets excited about the upcoming Thor film
  • how Donna moved beyond an impersonal, Ground of Being style, deity

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