Dr. Andrew Schwartz is a scholar, organizer, and social entrepreneur. He is Executive Director of the Center for Process Studies and Assistant Professor of Process Studies & Comparative Theology with Claremont School of Theology at Willamette University, as well as Co-Founder and Vice President of the Institute for Ecological Civilization. He is Affiliated Faculty with the Center for Sustainability and Environmental Justice at Willamette University. His current work includes comparative religious philosophy, as well as the role of big ideas in bringing about systems change for the long-term wellbeing of people and the planet. In our conversation we discuss…

  • how Andrew found Process thought
  • Andrew brings up Carmen’s the Champion…this is what it looks like in action
  • process style philosophy of religion
  • process style panentheism (we discuss it more here)
  • religious pluralism in process & the relations between wisdom traditions (we discuss it more here)
  • why process theism is more biblical than classical theism
  • Cobb’s contribution to interreligious dialogue – deep pluralism & mutual transformation
  •  Andrew’s initial thoughts on becoming a parent
  • Current research projects at the Center for Process Studies
  • The creepy troll & hidden rooms

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