Pumped to have my friend and fellow Process theologian, Thomas Hermans-Webster, on the podcast! He is Assistant Professor of United Methodist Church Studies at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkely, CA. We had a bunch of fun discussing a host of things including…

  • How Thomas from Alabama became a Process theologian
  • the Perkins style of Process theology & influence of Charles Hartshorne
  • Liberation as Good News
  • who is Norman Pittenger? You can check out his books here.
  • shout out to previous guest and Process ecclesiologist Timothy Murphy: Social Justice, Conflict, and Process Ecclesiology with 
  • what’s a process theology understanding of the Eucharist?
  • “the Eucharist is the characteristic act of the Church” – Pittenger’s Eucharistic provocation
  • A Process Theology of the Eucharist for Planetary Dining
  • Tom’s ecological awakening in college & the role of Sister Hazel
  • thinking theologically about the UMC break-up
  • the kinship angle when thinking about the church

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