All theology is NOT good. There is real deal Bad Theology and it kills. Practical theologian and one of my new favorite podcast guests, Leah Robinson is here for a nerdy party. Dr. Leah Robinson is Associate Professor of Religion at Pfieffer University. You should also follow her on twitter.

In this conversation we discuss…

  • how to be a Southerner living in Edinburgh
  • Leah resists being “all up on Barth’s butt”
  • what is Practical Theology & how Leah got into it
  • our shared interest in Peter Berger’s image of a Sacred Canopy
  • how theology changes once you realize it is (in part) a social construct
  • how to decipher if a theology is practically good or bad
  • the task of processing one’s own religious history
  • dealing with Southern Baptist baggage and staying Christian
  • Tripp manages to bring up LOTR & why he loves this specific audio version… you are welcome.
  • processing purity culture & kissing ‘kissing dating good bye’ good bye
  • Leah doesn’t recognize a DC Talk reference but said she was a Skillet person. She does like Norma Jean & Cool Hand Luke.
  • Tripp explains evangelical youth group “gold bonding” to Leah and how to make a Red Neck Martini
  • Leah gives advice to bringing whiskey to AAR by repurposing a wine bra.

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