Dr. Helen K. Bond is Professor of Christian Origins & Head of the School of Divinity at the University of Edinburgh. She returns to the podcast for a wide-ranging conversation tackling topics from members of the HBC online Lent group, Jesus De/ConstructedIn our chat we discuss…

  • what is the difference between the historical Jesus and the Christ of faith?
  • how does a historical Jesus scholar do their work?
  • the cultural/social/political/religious matrix of the historical Jesus
  • the role of honor and shame in Jesus’ culture
  • the entanglement of religion and politics
  • what is the scholarly consensus around the historical Jesus?
  • the political potency of Pilate’s pagan foreign troops in town for the Passover
  • what does it mean for Jesus to be an Apocalyptic Jewish figure?
  • it’s the end of the world, but what do “end” and “world” mean?
  • how did the ancient world understand religion, divinity, and god-talk?
  • how should we understand the titles of Jesus in the NT and his historical self-consciousness?
  • what does it mean for Jesus to be the Christ?
  • why does Paul say so little about the historical Jesus?
  • what occasioned the composition of the Gospels?
  • you should listen to Helen’s first visit to the podcast…the First Biography of Jesus… PS it is the Gospel of Mark
  • how does seeing the Gospels as biographies change the way we read them?
  • go get Helen’s new book Women Remembered: Jesus’ Female Disciples
  • the role and status of women in the early church
  • how the transitions within the early church brought back the patriarchy
  • Tertullian and the Montanists
  • Helen’s favorite female followers of Jesus
  • was Jesus a feminist?
  • what do we know about Mary, the mother of Jesus?
  • the historical Jesus’ brother James
  • the cross & resurrection


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