What is the future of spirituality? That question not only shapes this podcast episode but an upcoming online summit. Homebrewed is excited to be partnering with Convergence and 25 rather epic voices to explore the future of spirituality. In this episode, I have a blast talking with Cameron Trimble and Anna Golladay from Convergence. I not only hope you enjoy it but get wise and sign up for the free online summit HERE.

  • How is our understanding of faith being reshaped, perhaps accelerated, by the pandemic?
  • Do faith communities have a future and what kind of courage will that require?
  • What kind of rituals will shape the future of spirituality? 
  • What are the big theological questions of our time? 
  • How do younger generations seek spirituality? 
  • Is there a future of courageous spirituality? If so, what does that look like?

Rev. Cameron Trimble is a serial entrepreneur committed to the triple bottom line – a concern for people, progress, and the planet. Driven by an adventurous spirit, she runs businesses and NGO organizations, both secular and faith-based. She serves as a consultant, a frequent speaker on national speaking circuits, is a pilot, and an author. Cameron is the CEO of Convergence, a not-for-profit made up of subsidiary companies and organizations focused on organizational transformation.

Rev. Anna Golladay is the Senior Director of Communications and Marketing at Convergence. Anna has served as associate pastor in the United Methodist Church. Her ministry is undergirded by social justice and the inequity that exists both in and outside the church’s walls. She is diligent in her advocacy for full inclusion for all persons in the United Methodist Church. She is an entrepreneur, running a small online-based apparel shop called Bias & Bourbon and social enterprise, Work of Place. She spends her free time as an avid football and hockey fan and life partner to Mike Krigbaum, a small-animal veterinarian.

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