Ryan G. Duns, SJ, is a Jesuit priest and an assistant professor of theology at Marquette University. His locates his work the intersection of philosophy and systematic theology and is interested in regarding theology as practice or “way of life.” He has published on Karl Rahner, Jean-Luc Marion, René Girard, and his most recent work has involved a sustained engagement with William Desmond’s metaphysics. His monograph “Spiritual Exercises for a Secular Age: Desmond and the Quest for God” argues that, when read as a form of spiritual exercise (Pierre Hadot), Desmond’s philosophy can re-awaken a sense of the Transcendent.

In the conversation we discuss…

  • the possibility of a return to Narnia
  • problems with cranky Thomism
  • what is happening in the cultural fascination with Zombies
  • 5 Commandments for doing Metaphysics… after the death of Metaphysics
  • Want to read a summary of the book and see some stellar scholars engage it? Head over here to the Syndicate consortium.
  • Sacramental hermenutics
  • how spiritual formation is like karaoke & why you don’t have to be Bob Dylan
  • there’s a little bit of Susan Boyle in each of us

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