Matthew David Segall returns to the podcast after 8 years!

It was a blast to talk with Matt about his new book and a bunch of other process-related goodness. When you get done listening make sure you check out his YouTube channel and the new book.

  • How did Matt end up with cosmological questions
  • finding Alfred North Whitehead through Terence Mckenna
  • “Whitehead is like Psychadelics, you shouldn’t jump into them alone”
  • the allure of Whitehead’s vision of mind in nature
  • the potential of a process engagement with different sciences
  • Tripp talks about how part five of Process & Reality feels like a philosophical revival sermon
  • the limits of science and problem of repressed reductive metaphysics
  • what does Whitehead mean by a philosophy of organism
  • the hot spring hypothesis for the origin of life
  • what is in the concept ‘world-soul’
  • how does Whitehead help one think of life after physical death
  • how Whitehead came to affirm God
  • Matt shares the story of his own wrestling with Christianity and his reflection on the future of the faith… ‘a non-denominational non-institutionalized Christian’
  • what do we make about the power and problems that come with a religious tradition