It is time for a party – a book release party! Thriving with Stone-Age Minds: Evolutionary Psychology, Christian Faith, and the Quest for Human Flourishing is out and the co-authors, Justin Barrett and Pamela King, are joined by two psychological scientist clergy Joanna Collicutt, and Jonathan Jong for some nerdy fun!

Check out our partner: Blueprint 1543 is an organization that develops grant projects at the intersection of faith and the sciences. With cognitive scientist Justin Barrett as one of its founders, BP1543 takes a special interest in how the psychological sciences might be integrated as a tool for a more robust understanding of human flourishing.

To learn more about the Thrive Center head over here. Pam has a chapter on “Vocation as Becoming: Telos, Thriving & Joy” right over here. Additional interdisciplinary work (pubs, videos) on telos can be found here on Thrive’s website here.