Over the weekend I was talking with Brian McLaren and Diana Butler Bass about our upcoming class exploring how Christianity has changed over the last 20 years. In just a few minutes we came up with so many significant moments it was staggering.

Here’s the list we came up with.


2/02 Catholic abuse scandal in Boston Globe

2/03 Eugene Robinson, first openly gay bishop

3/03 US invasion of Iraq/massive protests

04 Decline in Evangelicals begins

04 Facebook Launch

04-06 New Atheists

05 Danish Cartoon scandal

06 Twitter Launch

07 iphone release

07 Glasgow bombing

07 London subway bombing

08 Great Recession

08 Obama’s election

09 Tea Party begins in US

11 Occupy Wall Street

12 Sandy Hook shooting

13 Pope Francis elected, resistance begins

13 Black Lives Matter launches

14 Michael Brown shot in Ferguson MO

15 Charlie Hebdo shooting

15 Charleston church shooting

15 US Supreme Court defends  marriage equality

15 Paris climate accord

16 Brexit

16 Trump

17 Charlottesville

20 George Floyd murdered

Jan 6, 2021 – US insurrection attempt, Christian nationalism supported

What other events should we add? Is there an initial word or thought that comes to mind when you scan the list? Needless to say, the conversation with these two trusted friends is going to be powerful. I hope you will consider joining us.

Check out the class details, sign-up, and get pumped -> HERE.