We just launched a new open online class – Religion and the Spiritual CrisisThis pop-up learning community is a 6-week exploration of our Secular Age & the changing shape of faith and ministry. I am joined by my friend and practical theologian Dr. Andrew Root, as we read some powerful texts with a bunch of online friends.

The class itself is just a few days old and since session one I have had a number of class members ask to share the kickoff with friends who might want to join. After sending enough individual emails, I figured I would post it here so everyone can share it with friends and colleagues. If you are one of those friends, then “hello! check out the first session below and the class info page where you can learn more and sign-up. It’s a donation-based class so don’t let money get in the way of participating.”

How can faith be formed in a Secular Age?

In a world longing for enchantment but too cynical to accept it, pastors can understandably feel irrelevant and confused. The speed and rhythm of life are unsettling and decentering. In this class, we hope to provide a helpful overview of how our world became so disenchanted and what it might look like to attend to God in a world that has forgotten how to do so. Through a conversation with Charles Taylor & Hartmut Rosa, we intend to wrestle with the currents of culture and the task of embodying and inviting people into the life of faith.