Long time friend of the podcast – Tony Jones – is back. This episode includes a bit of storytelling about origins of the podcast, the emerging church movement, and thoughts about the church post-collapse .

Have you heard of the new app ClubHouse? Tony talked me into trying it out this coming FRIDAY at 7pm eastern. If you have the app come on out, hang, discuss, and see if what the buzz is about.

We talk about…

  • That one time with discussed demons on a roof with Greg Boyd and NT Wright
  • The Phyllis Tickle beer
  • the origin story of homebrewed
  • we edited a bunch of stories out of the podcast… also for clarity Homebrewed started as a theology pub group with rewritable CDs and then became a podcast… so the blog/group is 15 years and the podcast 13 years old.
  • once Anthony Smith and Scot McKnight hung out at the cigar store I had a Bible study in. This store is awesome.
  • Tony makes me awkward with kindness
  • Why I am a hobbit and Sanco Panza?
  • What is it like to stay in a hotel together?
  • What was the biggest failure of the emerging church movement?
  • Emergent Village was lots of fun and full of really cool friends.
  • When the internet trolls finally apologize
  • How our minds have changed
  • What Mainline Protestants did with emerging church leaders… youth ministers
  • Will the American church or democracy die first?
  • Does Tripp or Tony think the world is more f*cked?
  • the task of learning how to be human in community again
  • Tripp tries hard not to vent about Boomers
  • “we don’t deserve any of this sh!t”
  • Tripp’s lockdown nightmare reflections are depressing
  • would the emerging church movement have survived with Twitter?
  • how horrible is platform building?
  • i like being Tony’s friend
  • tony and tripp’s post-collapse retirement podcast plan

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