Douglas Ottati joins the podcast for his 5th visit to discuss his new book, A Theology for the Twenty-First Century. This is one of the most significant Protestant Systematic Theologies in years. I absolutely loved it. Of course, I talk about Ottati’s Christology in my recent book so I am a bit of a fan. Ottati is the Craig Family Distinguished Professor in Reformed Theology and Justice Ministry at Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina. In our conversation we discuss:

  • the nature and role of piety for Christian theology
  • the historicity of religious traditions
  • CS Pierce and the practice of musement
  • how the enlightenment has shaped our engagement with the world
  •  the power of market & religious liturgies
  • why Jonathan Edwards gets a bad wrap
  • the task of being in a living tradition
  • how monuments work with history
  • theological anthropology
  • reasons to keep a thick doctrine of sin
  • why Schleiermacher is so awesome for thinking Christ & community
  • thinking theologically about the fissures and tensions in the life of the church and culture
  • how pastoral questions & challenges lead to economic and political critique
  • the problematic relations between church & academy

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