This is a special crossover episode with Chase Tibbs from the Faith and Capital podcast. In our conversation, Chase gives 5 reasons to go ‘Christian Socialist.’ Most theology nerds know that the overwhelming majority of theologians in the 2oth century were socialists. Barth, Tillich, Niebuhr, Guiterrez and more were all committed Christian socialists, and yet today, many Christians wrongly assume the two are incompatible. I doubt everyone is going to be persuaded, but I hope more people will come to see how Chase’s faith deeply informs his politics.

OHHH Chase’s pod is celebrating its 2nd birthday. If you haven’t listened to it before and are interested in a show inviting Christians to participate in the struggle for emancipation, then give it a listen.

Want to explore these themes in an online reading group with friend of the pod and theological ethcisist Joerg Reiger? Then join up.