This is one wild and crazy episode with three friends. Sarey and Dan (You Have Permission Podcast) join me and Mason (a People’s Theology Podcast) to launch a spectacular resource for those going through a faith transition – So You’re Deconstructing. You will definitely want to check out the site and book mark it to share with friends when the time comes.

PS. This episode is not normal and definitely not safe for work or kids. If you don’t like very inappropriate humor about religion, purity culture, youth group, and other elements of evangelical culture don’t listen. You can go participate in the launch of So You’re Deconstructing in a very serious way on You Have Permission where we tell serious stories of faith. If you want super nerdy goodness go check out Mason and I discussing all things process on a People’s Theology.

Just don’t listen to this and tell me I used potty words, made religious sex jokes, and was too flippant with serious things. Remember I made The Road to Edmond and had a character have heart felt break through while smoking a joint rolled in a page from the Bible. #PuffPuffPassLeviticus

Evangelical Youth Group Fantasy Draft

We have ourselves a Fantasy Draft!

There are 4 teams, each with 7 players for the 7 positions. Unlike your fantasy football team, the positions are elements of evangelical youth group culture. Each team will have 1 'player' for each of these 'positions.'

  1. Sexually Charged Bible Verse

  2. Purity Culture Object Lesson

  3. Christianese Phrase

  4. Young Earth Creationist Argument

  5. Youth Group Game

  6. Theological Idea You Were Most Stoked to Learn About

  7. "If you like [SECULAR BAND] you'll love [CHRISTIAN BAND]

The poll has expired!