Dr. Godehard Brüntrup is a German philosopher, Jesuit, and professor of philosophy at the Munich University of Philosophy with a focus on metaphysics , philosophy of mind and philosophy of language.

I was beyond thrilled to talk with Dr. Brüntrup. He is not only a leading philosopher in Germany, but our shared interest in philosophy of mind and Alfred North Whitehead

  • how the characters of Socrates and Jesus inspired his vocation
  • ontic shock and the question of meaning
  • moving beyond the computer metaphor for the mind & the functionalist approach
  • dualism and the variety of monisms (materialism / idealism)
  • why Christianity does not require dualism
  • the success and challenge of science
  • fallacy of misplaced concreteness in science
  • the trouble of dual-aspect monism
  • Whitehead’s theory of mind and concept of experience
  • emergent panpsychism
  • process philosophy of religion
  • the problem with a Post-Kantian rejection of metaphysics
  • the spirituality of panpsychism