I lost a very dear mentor and friend – Elgin Frank Tupper. I tried recording the intro over 10 times and just started crying, so I decided to save my thoughts for later and share this gem of an episode.

This also happens to be the most downloaded episode in HBC history.

Frank was a legendary Baptist theologian and the first American student of Wolfhart Pannenberg. He was a founding faculty member of the Wake Forest University School of Divinity where he retired in 2016 as Distinguished Professor of Divinity Emeritus.  You can read Frank’s Obituary here.

A Scandalous Providence is framed in a type of narrative theology, but not just the narrative of Jesus, or his own personal narrative, but the narratives of other people. It was born out of a desire to develop an understanding of providence on the basis of the key and crucial narratives in the synoptic portrayals of the story of Jesus – not just for seminarians or scholars, but for the problems of providence in the life of everyone in the church.