A number of Homebrewed Community Members asked for this episode to come out of the Barrel and back into the world, so here it is. In this episode I am joined by one of my dissertation advisors for a fun conversation.

Ingolf U. Dalferth (DrTheol, University of Tübingen) is Danforth Professor of Philosophy of Religion at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California. He is also professor emeritus in the faculty of theology at the University of Zurich, where he served as director of the Institute of Hermeneutics and Philosophy of Religion for many years. He has held academic positions at the universities of Durham, Tübingen, Frankfurt, Fribourg, and Copenhagen. Dalferth is the author or editor of over forty books

Dr. Dalferth’s Recent Books

Transcendence and the Secular World: Life in Orientation to Ultimate Presence
Creatures of Possibility: The Theological Basis of Human Freedom
Radical Theology: An Essay on Faith and Theology in the Twenty-First Century
Crucified and Resurrected: Restructuring the Grammar of Christology