This is a super special conversation between two preeminent scholars and dear friends. Two friends of the podcast gathered in Claremont a few years back as part of the Emergent Village Theological Conversation on Process Theology and this gem of a conversation happened! John Cobb and Tom Oord discuss Jesus and a number of other goodies.

This barrel aged edition of the podcast is here so I can share episodes from the last 12 years no longer available in the podcast feed for your nerdy listening pleasure.

Also if you enjoy the conversation then you should totally come join the upcoming reading group with John Cobb on Alfred North Whitehead’s Process and Reality. In this series of lectures John Cobb will provide an introduction to one of the most compelling and challenging philosophical texts of the Twentieth Century. Process and Reality is a notoriously difficult text, but the goal of this course is to enable students to not only skim the surface but probe its deeper dimensions. With his decades of experience as a scholar and teacher of Whitehead, Cobb will elucidate the major themes and illuminate the major concepts in a way that is accessible to anyone.