Dr. Wilson Dickinson is a writer, pastor, and organizer who lives in his hometown of Georgetown, Kentucky. He teaches theology and directs the Doctor of Ministry and Continuing Education Programs at Lexington Theological Seminary. He is the director of the Green Good News, an organization that works with churches and schools to integrate sustainability, justice, and discipleship.

  • At Lexington Theological Seminary the Dmin is focused on cultural hermeneutics and community organizing.
  • What is the purpose of Dmin and who is it for?
  • Why Gary Dorrien tells the coolest story of liberal Mainline Protestantism (read here)
  • Is the initial deal for Mainline Protestantism in America worth it?
  • the problem of the ‘identified patient’ and neo-liberal compliant justice issues
  • church at the crossroads of Earth and Empire
  • Zacchaues and the middle-management of Empire
  • God isn’t cool with economies of extraction and exploitation
  • Kierkegaard & his critique of social Christianity
  • how power hides in pain sight
  • creating Pharisees an exit strategy from the imperial banquet
  • the power of giving permission for others to lead
  • parenting in the face climate change

Check out Wilson’s books The Green Good News and Exercises in New Creation.

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