Behind many Science and Religion conversations are a number of shaping, but often ignored questions. In this episode Jonathan and Sarah join me for a seriously nerdy and revealing dialogue about the nature and limits of science, the character of religious phenomena, the role of philosophy, naturalism(s), theology’s place at the table, and much more. On top of all being friends, we each occupy a different network of answers to the questions we tackle. If you enjoy this half as much as I did you will have a wonderful time.

Dr. Jonathan Jong is a Research Fellow at Coventry University, and Deputy Director of the Brain, Belief and Behaviour group there. He is also a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford. Most of his current research is on the psychology of religion and the philosophical issues associated with the scientific study of religion. The Doctor is also a Reverend and Associate Priest at the parish church of St Mary Magdalen, Oxford and the Web Editor for the St Mary Magdalen School of Theology

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Dr. Sarah Lane Ritchie is Lecturer in Theology and Science at the University of Edinburgh. She has a PhD in Science and Religion from the University of Edinburgh, where her doctoral work focused on the question of divine action in the human mind. A Michigander by birth, Sarah also holds a BA in Philosophy and Religion from Spring Arbor University, an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary, and an MSc in Science and Religion from the University of Edinburgh. Her published work focuses on questions arising from the intersection of theology, philosophy, and the various brain-related sciences. Sarah’s research interests include divine action, philosophy of mind, naturalism, cognitive science of religion, and the psychology of belief formation.