Oliver Crisp is back on the podcast and bringing more of his Analytic Reformed excitement to you. I know some of you dear listeners love Calvin and analytic theology, so while I may be less interested in general with those theological trajectories I always enjoy getting to talk with Oliver. That is why, after some serious prayer and reflection, I have decided to institute a new HBC rule. IF you are gonna go Calvinist, #KeepItCrispy. That is about as robust an affirmation I can give to Oliver.

We recorded this conversation while we were in SoCal at the TheoPsych seminar put on by my friends in the STAR office at Fuller Seminary. (STAR=Science, Theology and Religion). Over the course of the week we had a bunch of conversations in which we got to know each other more, share stories about our life, faith, family, moving to Scotland and such. I may not have decided to embrace my Calvinist past, but I definitely decided having a friend like Oliver is a treat. Since his return to Scotland you can find him at the University of St. Andrews where he is the Professor of Analytic Theology.

Check out his previous visit to the podcast where we discuss his Christology. In this conversation we begin looking at the role of science in constructive anthropology and then discuss his newest book Analyzing Doctrine: Toward a Systematic Theology.

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