Dr. Christopher Southgate is a biochemist turned influential theologian…who just happens to be a well published poet.  (Read this powerful one… when it is safe to cry). Southgate is a Professor at Exeter University in the UK and part of the ‘God and the Book of Nature’ project I am working on. Since recording this interview I have had the chance to spend time with him and am enthusiastic to introduce him to many of you.

In this conversation we discuss…

    • The changing shape of the religion and science conversation
    • how has the scientific study of religion itself shaped a scientifically engaged theology from a particular tradition
    • the problem of evil and suffering in nature
    • the free will defense in the face of natural evil
    • the “lazy default in Christian thinking”
    • Irenaeus wasn’t Irenaean?
    • the Christian need to recover immanence
    • what is divine glory?
    • the Biblical protest of God and the need for its presence in worship
    • “humankind cannot bear much of reality”
    • theologizing with Charles Sanders Peirce’s semiotics
    • trauma and the community of faith

Books from Dr. Southgate you should check out.