It is time to NERD OUT with your GEEK OUT!

In this episode I am joined by my colleague and friend Dr. Sarah lane Ritchie. She was on the podcast this past summer and since moving to Edinburgh we’ve been planning to record again, so here it is.

At the beginning of the episode Sarah answers a question a number of you sent in about the different Religion and Science degrees offered here at the University of Edinburgh. Here’s info for the online Philosophy, Science and Religion Masters, the on campus taught Masters, and research based Masters and PhD Degrees.

From there we end up discussing a number of different topics, largely based off questions I received including…


Dr. Sarah Lane Ritchie is Lecturer in Theology and Science at the University of Edinburgh. She has a PhD in Science and Religion from the University of Edinburgh, where her doctoral work focused on the question of divine action in the human mind. A Michigander by birth, Sarah also holds a BA in Philosophy and Religion from Spring Arbor University, an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary, and an MSc in Science and Religion from the University of Edinburgh. Her published work focuses on questions arising from the intersection of theology, philosophy, and the various brain-related sciences. Sarah’s research interests include divine action, philosophy of mind, naturalism, cognitive science of religion, and the psychology of belief formation.