I am super pumped to have Philip Goff on the podcast and give a gigantic endorsement of his new book Galileo’s Error: foundations for a new science of consciousness – now available in print, digital, and AUDIO. Goff is a leading philosopher of mind and advocate for a panpsychist account of mind. This new book is successfully written for a wider audience and should not be missed. If you want the super dense philosophical argument check out his text Consciousness and Fundamental Reality

It was a complete blast to finally get to talk to someone I have enjoyed reading and I hope you all enjoy it half as much as I did.

In the conversation we discuss…

  • the hard problem of consciousness
  • what is a Russellian monist?
  • the failures of materialism and dualism
  • what exactly is Galileo’s error
  • here’s the article where Goff discusses religious fictionalism
  • what neuroscience can and can’t tell us about consciousness
  • the power of a panpsychist argument
  • Tripp mentions Alfred North Whitehead’s Modes of Thought and the chapters Nature Lifeless and Nature Alive.
  • what is consciousness? how is does it vary across reality?
  • why electrons DO NOT have existential angst
  • contrasting micro and macro panpsychism
  • does panpsychism move towards a religious or spiritual worldview?
  • here’s talk Goff gave about the anthropic principle Tripp brings up
  • you can tell Tripp is having fun when he decides to bring up more Process connections
  • what is religious fictionalism? Here’s the article in which Goff discusses it.
  • Goff’s symbolic affirmations that leads to his embrace of the Christian (fictional) faith – Crucifixion: 1)inversion of worldly powers & 2)inevitability of the bad guys winning / Easter: the hope against all odds, that the corrupt powers don’t ultimately get the last word.
  • what is the problem of ‘Cosmic Alienation’?
  • what would it mean to ‘make rigorous’

Make sure you check out Philip Goff’s very excellent website with tons of resources. Dr. Goff is an excellent twitter follow.

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