In this podcast Erin Law joins Tripp and Robyn to talk about her work in Somatics. They discuss…

  • Why Erin Law is awesome.
  • “Gender Trouble” as the Sermon on the Mount for humanity degrees… also Judith Butler is sometimes called J Buts.
  • the nature of gender and sexuality
  • what’s the deal with Christianity and bodies?
  • how friendship can become the place of resistance
  • the oppressive technology of separation
  • you should get Activist Theology –there is now an AUDIO version.

Then Steed Davidson and Brian McLaren join the fun as we discuss…

  • Dr. Steed Davidson is a post-colonial scholar of the Hebrew Bible at McCormick Theological Seminary.
  • Tripp takes advice from a Homebrewed Community Member and gets Brian to talk to Steed about the role of post-colonial thought for the future of the church.
  • the role of politics and empire in the Reformation translations of scripture
  • King James… of the authorized version KJV Bible translation was gay
  • the language of ‘slavery’ is used in expanding Protestantism as a spiritualized metaphor for everything but actual slavery
  • “if what you are saying is true… the next thing you are gonna tell me is that Jesus didn’t preach the Roman Road.”
  • the prophetic persona is a political persona
  • the forgotten prophetic power and possibility within the church
  • what’s up with the word ‘God’ and does it have a future?
  • God is like the world’s greatest tee-ball coach
  • the problematic nature of our culture of anxiety creation and management

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