Norman Wirzba was raised on a farm in Southern Alberta, Norman went on to study history at the University of Lethbridge, theology at Yale University Divinity School, and philosophy at Loyola University Chicago. Since then he has taught at Saint Thomas More College/University of Saskatchewan, Georgetown College (KY), and Duke University Divinity School. He’s the father of four children and is married to Gretchen Ziegenhals. He likes to bake, cook and make things with wood. He also enjoys playing the guitar. He used to be a good athlete! He enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his family and friends. He tries to grow some food. His work focuses on understanding and promoting practices that can equip both rural and urban church communities to be more faithful and responsible members of creation. Current research is centered on a recovery of the doctrine of creation and a restatement of humanity in terms of its creaturely life.

We discuss…

  • how he came to be an academic within the Agrarian tradition
  • the impact of Wendell Berry
  • the growing cultural desire for freedom and autonomy
  • the predicament of recognition
  • hospitality to otherness
  • a brief discussion of Richard Kearney‘s Anatheism
  • we live in an anonymous economy of the one night stand
  • where do we begin an ecological ethics?
  • how do we begin to plan and prepare for post-collapse living?
  • here’s the book Tripp read that inspired his bear turd dream: Rethinking Nature 
  • modernity’s elimination of value and purpose from the world and the deflation of creation into a value-less, amoral realm
  • a shout out to Philip Goff’s new book, Galileo’s Error.
  • how our technology has reshaped our humanity
  • the power of returning to our own experience and body