On September 20-21 I will be in Indianapolis for two days. The visit includes three different events, so you can come to all three or just the evening podcasts that work in your schedule. All three events are free because the most zesty hosts love you and want you come hang out.

Friday September 20th 

LIVE Homebrewed Christianity Podcast @7pm  | What happens when you cross nerdy conversations, a late night talk show, and a love for craft beer? A live Homebrewed Christianity Podcast.

Saturday September 21 

9-330 pm – Process Theology for Progressive Christians | This will be a fun, interactive, and nerdy time in which I will introduce Process Theology. That means we will end up discussing a number of contemporary challenges to people of faith such science, pluralism, the reality God, the ecological crisis, and what we can say about Jesus (without crossing our fingers). You don’t have to come familiar with process thought to learn and enjoy the time.

7-9 pm“I’m not THAT kind of Christian” an evening of solidarity & laughter Being a person of faith when the popular expression of your tradition is loathsome isn’t easy. Sometimes you just need to gather with others in same struggle to know you aren’t alone and have some real deal fun. That is our agenda.

*** PS. If you are a member of the HBC Community shoot me a message that you are coming so I bring enough goodies to share with you all.