This is a zesty LIVE episode, recorded live in Nashville. I am joined by two friends, Stan Mitchell and Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza. I get to ask them each 5 questions before we take questions from the people gathered for the fun.

If you are wise you will get inspired to check out Robyn’s new book. If you do… we got a bunch of goodies from Robyn to send you when you pre-order their new book Activist TheologyThat’s right, when you pre-order the book just forward the receipt to goactivistheology [at] gmail [dot] com and we will send you our class Theologies of Resistance and Robyn’s lecture from Theology Beer Camp. 

Called to be Prophets

SEPTEMBER 27-28 – Cary, NC –  Called to Be Prophets

I can’t wait for this event. It is not only going to be my last in the USA before my family’s move to the UK, but so many of my friends will be there. If you want to come to use the discount code TRIPP for 15% off.

Learn more about my family’s move to Scotland