Guess what theology nerds?

This is a special announcement.

I have just accepted a position as Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. There I will be part of a John Templeton Foundation project, God and the Book of Nature: Building a Science-Engaged Theology of Nature. It is hard to exaggerate how excited I am about this position and the opportunity to work in theological education. On top of that I will be able to interact and connect with a host of new voices for the podcast, across the pond.

It really is a dream come true for this theology nerd.

Here’s where I would absolutely love your help.

Taking an entry level academic position at a prestigious university will open doors in the long run, so we want to take the venture as a family. The transition over seas will have a pretty significant hit in our monthly income, but being frugal isn’t the biggest concern, it is the rather daunting costs of moving over seas. That’s why we setup a GoFundMe where you can make a tax-deductible donation to the process.

For over 11 years Homebrewed Christianity has been bringing you online theological resources. With 70k regular listeners and having crossed over 3 million downloads already this year, I know many of you enjoy it almost as much as I do. Your support not only makes the podcast possible, but has enabled me to continue to pursue my dream.

I am asking for those who are able to help out. Here’s two ways you can.

Donate to the GoFundMe to help us cover the moving costs. This donation is tax-deductible because of our partnership with ReWilder.

Join the Homebrewed Community and support the podcast with a monthly donation. You will also get access to a bunch of goodies including a year-long introduction to contemporary theology.

If you’re strapped for funds, don’t worry about it. Please, keep enjoying the podcast! But if you’re able to help out, either one-time via GoFundMe or recurring via the Homebrewed Community, it would mean alot to me.

Either way, I look forward to bringing you all-new zestiness from across the pond.

Thanks for considering!