Michael Reiss is a British bioethicist, educator, and journalist. He is also an Anglican priest. Reiss is professor of science education at the Institute of Education, University College London, where he is assistant director, research and development. We had a fun conversation about his recent Boyle lecture (you can watch it here). We discuss a number of topics:

  • how is ethics framed and formed by our evolutionary heritage?
  • Dawkins and the genes eye view
  • the role of language and rituals in the formation of the self reflection
  • how human fictions shape our living
  • the emergence of religion within humanity and the social brain
  • how religious practice preceded ethics and belief
  • how ethics evolved among our species
  • the nature of humanity’s expanding in-group
  • a shout out to Peter Singer

You can find out more about the Religion and the Social Brian project here.

He also has a number of articles available for download here.