Reza Aslan is back on the podcast with the release of God: A Human History in paperback. Reza Aslan is a best-selling author (Zealot, No god But God), commentator, professor, and producer for The Leftovers (HBO), Of Kings and Prophets (ABC), Rough Draft (Ovation), and Believer (CNN). In our conversation we discuss a bunch of topics…

  • the birth of God in human history
  • cognitive science of religion
  • evolutionary account of religion
  • Reza resists scientific reductionism
  • what comes first, myth or rituals?
  • what is going on in religion?
  • why religion is not primarily about beliefs, but identity
  • the ignorance of ignoring religion
  • a prophetic voice in a multi-traditioned culture
  • Reza’s enthusiastic endorsement of Pete Buttigieg for President
  • why Donald Trump is personified evil
  • a minister who will not stand against racism is failing
  • parenting in a multi-faith family

Here’s Reza’s previous visit to the podcast!

Reza Aslan LIVE 3D Event!