Earlier this week we were joined by A. Ron from the Bald Move podcast. His co-author for Gods of Thrones and historical Jesus scholar, Dr. Anthony Le Donne, is on the podcast talking comparative religion in the Game of Thrones. We have too much fun and get to a bunch of topics…

  • Game of Thrones as a secular apocalypse narrative
  • GOT and LOTR (Lord of the Rings)
  • eucatastrophe in LOTR
  • the end of ethical theories
  • how Martin sees the nature of religion
  • the influence of Catholicism and Roman religion
  • the cultural phenomenon of GOT and its growing tribe
  • anxiety, agency, and our global crises
  • White Walkers and the Ecological Crisis
  • blood and incest
  • introduction to comparative religion in Westeros
  • why fan theory is awesome
  • from canonical texts to post-canonical TV
  • how GOT tackles changing norms
  • the historical Jesus had warts
  • GOT and the emergence of a promo-democracy
  • how to finish the books if Martin can’t
  • an aside on the politics of historical Jesus research

Anthony Le Donne is Assistant Professor of New Testament at United Theological Seminary. He is the author/editor of seven books and serves as an editor of the Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus.

Here’s the zesty GOT books your bookshelf is looking for.


Here’s some of Anthony’s other texts