WINTER IS COMING!  A. Ron of the Bald Move is on the podcast talking podcasting, online community, and Game of Thrones (GOT). It is fun.

Not only is A. Ron host of my favorite GOT podcast, but he recently put out a two volume exploration of the religions of GOT. George R.R. Martin, author of GOT, recognized that many fantasy works (like LOTR) may explore religious themes, but they rarely have a rich tapestry of religious life. That is not a problem in Westeros.

I hope you enjoy the episode and get prepared for part two late this week with Dr. Anthony Le Donne.

In our conversation we cover a bunch of ground, including:

  • How A. Ron fell in love with science fiction and fantasy
  • forming community online and the Bald Move
  • the Game of Thrones (GOT) experience
  • what explains the cultural phenomenon that is GOT
  • what is Martin getting at in the end game of GOT
  • thinking through the redemptive arcs in GOT
  • what are the motivations of the white walkers
  • the Wall as the DMZ zone of the ancient war
  • who is going to end on the iron throne… will there be a proto-democracy
  • why we need more dire wolves
  • Cleganebowl!!!

Here’s the zesty GOT books your bookshelf is looking for.