Physicist and regular contributor to the religion & science conversation, Dr. Karl Giberson is on the podcast. You will get to hear the inside story of this ex-evangelical scientist’s changing relationship to science and the church he first knew. Ultimately Dr. Giberson couldn’t see a way for the American evangelical community to reconcile with science and today, while still a Christian, works in a Catholic context.

The topics we cover are wide-ranging and include:

  • Physics & Cosmology
  • the Multiverse (and his skepticism)
  • the fine-tuning of the universe
  • chance, randomness, and divine action
  • (the lack of a) literal Adam and Eve
  • life after evangelicalism
  • LGBTQ equality in the church
  • evangelical anti-intellectualism

Dr. Giberson holds a PhD in Physics from Rice University. Dr. Giberson has lectured on science-and-religion at the Vatican, Oxford University, London’s Thomas Moore Institute, and at many prestigious American venues including MIT, Brigham Young University and Xavier University.

Dr. Giberson has published more than 200 reviews and essays, both technical and popular, in outlets that include NY Times,, the Guardian, USA Today, LA Times,, Discover, Weekly Standard, Quarterly Review of Biology, Perspectives on Science & Faith, The, and Books & Culture. He has written or co-authored 10 books, and contributed to many edited volumes. Currently, Dr. Giberson is a faculty member at Stonehill College where he serves as the Scholar-in-Residence in science and religion.

Here’s Karl’s critical review of Lawrence Krauss’ account of Creation out of Nothing that gets mentioned.

Here’s the book recommendations from Dr. Giberson

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