Elgin, my oldest son, just turned 11 and he has managed to talk himself into a podcast appearance. Personally I had a blast. It may be a completely new parenting tactic – get your 11 year old Son to record a podcast and they will talk to you about something other than Fortnite for 30 minutes!!

Elgin is a pretty big fan of the National Geographic show MARS and we are currently rocking the second season. It is about an international team of scientists who go on a mission to colonize the red planet. The cool thing about the show is they go back and forth with a not-too-far-ahead future narrative of the first Mars team and cut-ins with info from contemporary scientists or current research connected to the mission. This leads to Elgin asking all sorts of fun questions…some of which we attempt to discuss in the episode.

If you haven’t seen Mars and have a science or Sci-Fi nerd in the house check it out. For those that are going to watch with a very inquisitive offspring, just DVR it so you can pause and discuss as you go through the episode.

For more Mars excitement you can also check out the book the show is based on, How We’ll Live on Mars. It’s extremely readable and quite fun. There is a certain individual in our house who may or may not find the book in a stocking this Christmas.