The number of people with doubts, questions, and experiences that send them out from the religious tradition of their birth is growing. For many religion is left behind completely, opting for an
untraditioned spirituality, and others find the idea of God, Ultimate Reality, or any other substitute for the transcendent as intellectually incompatible with our scientific age. In Philip Clayton and Andrew Davis’ new book you get to hear a collection of personal narratives from some of the most brilliant contemporary thinkers about their return to God. In How I Found God in Everyone and Everywhere you will see a variety of starting points, twists, turns, and conundrums, but a broad network of conclusions that testify to an emerging picture of a deeper spiritual reality

In this conversation I get to talk to my dear friend and mentor, Philip Clayton, and one of his lucky current students and scholar, Andrew Davis. We tackle a host of topics from mysticism, panentheism, the viability of theism, the relationship between historic religious traditions and philosophical affirmation of the divine, and some other exciting goodies. The book itself includes chapters from Deepak Chopra, Richard Rohr, Matthew Fox, Rubert Sheldrake, Cynthia Bourgault, Ilia Delio, John Cobb, Loriliai Biernacki, Marjorie Suchocki, and Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson.

This episode is sponsored by the brand new book Keep Christianity Weird by Michael Frost. Check it out and get ready for Michael’s visit to the podcast.

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