This is a live podcast from the Jesus Rode a Dinosaur: Talking to Youth about Faith in a Scientific Age conference with Science Mike.

Science Mike cuts right to the chase and asks Tripp some important questions about theology: How is theology even a thing? How does one know what is a right or good theological framework? Then they chat about the ways in which the Enlightenment ruined theology, why valuing beauty is the most appropriate place to begin doing theology, the two biggest tasks of the church today, and why atheist philosophers have begun to use Christian theology.

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Later, Astrophysicist Paul Wallace joins Science Mike and Tripp to talk about doing good science while also believing in a creator, feeling connected to a quasar, his relationship to other scientists, and why physicists are more prone to be idealists and believe in a transcendent reality, and Paul talks a little about his upcoming book about the relationship between and faith and science.

Kenda Dean also joins to talk about parenting, helps figure out what we tell our children about God (especially when we don’t know what we think about God), the new questions kids are asking, and what we can do as parents of faith to make sure that our children know they are loved.

Plus, David Hume and miracles, the industry of ministry, and a Q&A with questions about morality, mystical experiences and psychedelics, youth ministry and anxiety, depression and medication, and a lot more.

If you liked what you heard in this episode, you won’t want to miss out on The Cosmic Campfire: Re-Kindling Humanity’s Biggest Questions, a 3-day event where no big-ass questions of ultimate meaning will go un-answered. It will be a scientifically-rigorous, skeptically-persistent,
experimentally-intoxicating, and spiritually-humble pop-up community where we will roast marshmallows and talk about God. It’s a little like what would happen if Rumi, Julian of Norwich, Darwin, Lao Tzu, Socrates, and Jesus made s’mores together. You can learn more and sign up to be the first to get more details here.